Figuring out how to code by yourself can be hard. 

We're passionate about helping more people learn to code. So we've searched the web for the best free resources on learning Ruby and carefully collated them for you.

By joining our Learn Ruby challenge:

  • You'll receive practical exercises to help you on your coding journey;
  • You'll also get sent inspiring stories from others who are also learning to code;
  • You'll have the option to connect to our Learn Ruby community (a slack group with other newbie coders and Makers staff) so that you have a support system to keep you accountable as you progress with your coding skills.

How does it work?

  • It is completely free;
  • You’ll get a new lesson straight to your inbox, every other day for four weeks;
  • The course is completely flexible and can be completed at your own pace;
  • Each week, you’ll need to set aside six hours to really see significant progress;
  • You won't have to submit any assignments. 

By the end of the online course:

  • You will have done Codecademy, Exercism, Ruby Koans and Codewars to learn Ruby;
  • You'll know git;
  • You'll be able to program a whole app on Ruby on Rails;
  • You'll also have knowledge on how the internet and databases work.


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