Makers think differently

The way we teach is different to any other coding bootcamp. Instead of teaching facts, at Makers we train skills and guide behaviour. The whole learning environment is structured to prepare our developers to think differently and to be comfortable with uncertainty.


How we teach:

Agile best practices like TDD and pair programming.

First half of the course: Daily workshops & code reviews led by industry experts.

Second half of the course: Project based team challenges to mimic working in a real tech team


12 weeks + 4 week pre course


9.00 - 6.00 Monday - Friday

Makers accelerate faster

Makers earn more and progress faster

With the help of our career coaches we will ensure you make the best career moves for you. Our Makers start on an average salary of £33,000 as junior developers however after 2 years’ experience majority of our Makers become Mid-level developers earning £45k on average. 

Makers are resilient and well-rounded

Nurturing your own personal development is just as important as developing strong technical skills, which is why we run a full EQ curriculum alongside our tech program. Personal growth is the cornerstone of becoming the person you want to be.

• Resilience Training
• Self-awareness & confidence
• Communication
• Feedback
• Self-care (managing energy and emotions)
• Growth mindset

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