Transform your career

We're in uncertain times. Be ahead of the curve and retrain part-time now to get a career you love. The need for software developers is growing - get ready to be part of the workforce of tomorrow. Upskill in the latest technologies and master working remotely at Makers.


Keep your job

If you’re looking to keep your job and train to become a software engineer this could be a your chance to invest in your future self. 

Length: 29 weeks
Commitment: 22 hours per week

25th April 2021

Mon-Thurs:  6.30-9.00pm

Sun: 9.00am-2.00pm

4-8 hours of independent study per week



Learn longer, dive deeper

It's the same as our Intensive course, but longer. With more time to explore each concept, you'll get to dive deeper and learn more about which direction you'd like to grow in.