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About Women in Software

Founded in 2019, Women in Software was founded as a platform to spotlight successful women that are active role models for tech’s next generation — and amplify the voices of the individuals and organisations working hard to make tech more inclusive. The campaign calls on allies and women alike to nominate rising stars across the industry for the work that so often goes unnoticed and uncelebrated to receive a coveted award for their contribution to tech.


Download our 2021 Women in Software Whitepaper: Re-coding Tech: Outlining Solutions for Gender Equality in the Tech Industry

In this Whitepaper, we delve deep into the issues facing women across the tech industry today — and use data-driven insights to lay out five tangible solutions for a more inclusive future.


Check out the action from our 2021 awards ceremony 

In the wake of the pandemic, TrustRadius found that women in tech were nearly twice as likely as men to lose their jobs or be furloughed due to the pandemic. Furthermore, 57% of women in tech feel burned out at work this year, compared to 36% of men — and 78% of women in tech feel they have to work harder than their male coworkers to prove their worth. Recognising the need to celebrate, amplify, and support women in tech, organiser Haylee Potts set out to make this year’s Women in Software campaign more impactful than ever before.

Following the success of last year, we once again had two lists on the go; The Women in Software 2021 Power List showcased the women who are working hard to transform the tech industry for the better, and the Changemakers List which spotlighted organisations and initiatives that support the progress of women and gender minorities in the tech industry.

Our Community


Roop Gill Axelsen

Senior Product Manager | Charlotte Tilbury

Roop moved into software from journalism. She’s had a dynamic growth period as a Product Manager at Charlotte Tilbury, carving out domain excellence leading a cross functional, experimental squad focused on turning data science into software products. She is active in the software events space and an extremely talented speaker. Her talks on ‘The Future of 1:1 Commerce’ attracted huge attention and accolades.

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Charlene Hunter

Founder | Coding Black Females

Technical team lead and App developer Charlene Hunter founded Coding Black Females in 2017, with the intention of providing education, access, and opportunities for Black women who are grossly underrepresented and underserved in the tech industry. Since, then, the network has grown to include an ambassador network, course, and mentorship scheme.

Learn more about Coding Black Females here

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Cait O’Riordon

Chief Product and Information Officer | FT

Having joined the FT in 2016, Cait has reinvented how the FT delivers engaging experiences to their subscribers and how the FT organisation thinks about content. Cait has been responsible for leading the entire product and technology strategy that has fundamentally changed the way the FT attributes revenue to product.

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