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The Women in Software Awards is an annual platform celebrating the women making waves and creating impact within the software industry today

Untitled (600 × 1200px)Only  8% of software developers across the globe are women

Currently the software sector suffers from an extreme lack of diversity. We are on a mission to change this through the creation and celebration of visible female role models within the sector. Role models are a key in attracting and empowering the next generation of women in progressing careers within tech. 


“Role modelling is one of the most powerful levers - it changes people’s minds, lives, and hearts. We feel differently about what we can do, can be and can achieve when we meet, experience and see people like us, doing something we never thought we could”   

Image of Claudia Harris Makers CEO Claudia Harris, Makers CEO





The Power List

The Power List celebrates women making waves and creating positive impact within software development. Winners are those who demonstrate personal achievement as well as action taken to support the next generation of women in the industry.


The ChangeMakers List

The Change Makers List recognises the importance of allyship and that change is the responsibility of the tech community as a whole. Nominations are to include mentors of all genders and organisations who support and accelerate the careers of women in tech.


NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! Winners will be announced on May 19th! 



Tanya Powell  Co-CTO, Coding Black Females

Tanya Powell

Co-CTO, Coding Black Females

Co-founder of the non-profit network and community Coding Black Females, Tanya has built an inspirational team that uplifts Black female developers, helps them find opportunities, and influences the tech industry to be more inclusive to people of colour.

Kimberley Cook, Director & Trustee at Codebar

Kimberley Cook

Director & Trustee, Codebar

Web developer and trustee of Codebar, a charity which aims to bridge the diversity gap in tech through programming workshops for minority groups. Over 10,000 students launched their tech careers through Codebars work.

Amit Sinha  CTO, Private Equity (PE) Microsoft UK.

Amit Sinha

CTO, Private Equity (PE) Microsoft

Amit joined the Forbes Technology Council (FTC) in 2021, is the Chair for the FTC Private Capital community, and is a British Computing Society Fellow. Amit is passionate about STEM and the development of technology skills for the next generation of the Engineering workforce.

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Jeremy Burns

Senior Director of Engineering, Contentful

Jeremy has been building teams and leading people for more than twenty years at Barclays, News UK, ClearBank and now Contentful. He has an open, inclusive approach to hiring and believes that a diverse team is a better team.

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Edith Szendrodi

Head of Programs, Microsoft

Edith manages Microsoft's AI startup accelerator programme. Edith also runs The Global Social Entrepreneur programme, working with teams across social impact, sustainability and engineering.

Leticia Galdón  Founder & CEO, Blue Hope

Leticia Galdón

Founder & CEO, Blue Hope

Is a social entrepreneur determined to build a bridge between the tech industry and forcibly displaced professionals. She is an advocate of the right to seek asylum and strongly believes in the power of technology and communities to democratise the access to opportunities. She is the Founder and CEO of PAZ, the startup that brings together professionals, companies and organisations to unfold the potential of refugees.

Dan Bass  Head of Product Engineering, BCA

Dan Bass

Head of Product Engineering, BCA

Dan Bass has spent the last 20 years in the technology world, building products for manufacturing before moving into FinTech. Helping comparethemarket.com to grow in the early days, Dan has a passion for scaling teams, and in doing so, helping people to move into software engineering.